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My screen won't display anything.

My monitor won't display

My monitor won't show anything

New build turns on

New AGP graphics card: fan is turning but monitor is black

New build - powers on

New PC but monitor won't turn on

New Build Powers On for about 2 seconds then Powers off.

New system build turns on but won't boot

New computer build powers up/stays on

Newly built PC shuts down on bootup

Newly Built Computer Keeps Shutting off

New Custom-PC. Powers up No POST. Please help Very desperate

New system turns on and that's about it

Newly built PC shutsdown during startup

Newly built PC shutting down on bootup

No monitor display

Newly built PC shuts down

No Screen Showing up

No screen?

Nothing on-screen

nothing appears on my monitor

Nothing on the screen as if the computer is off. but it works?

No Video when comp is turned on.

Nothing appers on monitor when I start computer

One day i turned on my pc and.

Nothing displays to the screen.

PC Boots but nothing shows on screen

PC doesn't show anything

PC screen does not go on

PC boots but screen is black

PC Monitor wont display

PC powers on and off

PC runs but nothing happens.

PC powers up for a second. PSU problem?

PC powers up

PC is running but Monitor won't get on

PC boots up but then Nothing

PC turns on; Monitor won't Display

PC Shuts off after 3 seconds

PC turns on then off then on and does nothing

PC turns on then off (newly build)

PC turns on but i Don't heard beeps nor monitor turn on

PC turns on and shuts off in tenth of second?

PC shuts down after 5 seconds

PC turns itself on and off repeatedly

pc won't start monitor

PC starts up but nothing on screen

PC wont display

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